The Open Financial System of the Future. Today.

Saving, Investing, Exchange, Lending and Insurance services for individuals and commerce

As easy as a saving account, with up to 3x more gains

Liquidity supply APR are usually 2-5 times higher than what your bank may offer


Native mobile apps for Decentralized Finance

A more secure and faster experience than any dapp browser with Dexwallets beautiful UI

Pos Staking
at your fingertip

Native, in-wallet staking for everyone. Delegations, Redemptions and staking performance tracking on your phone

Smart Recipes for Passive Income

Putting Protocols and Strategies together to make you rich. Automatically


Connecting people with merchants

Whether it's going to be in person or online, merchants will be able to start using Dexpay straight away and accept dozen of tokens from all major Ethereum Wallets

A Whitelabel Wallet
for your Company

All the DexWallet functionalities and much more in a ready-to-use solution that will give a kick to your crypto-project.

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